• UZ Brussel is in full migration of Rhapsody to Mirth (NextGen) Connect Integration Engine to provide the interfacing between its in-house developed electronic patient file Primuz and a range of external softwares such as the Oazis pricing / invoicing system and AGFA's radiology package.
  • Although Mirth is a powerful tool and is flexible in use, there is one important feature missing: a schematic presentation of the various communication points with which it is connected and in which routes these are included.



  • Development of a web interface that is dynamically built based on data obtained via web service calls on the mirth engine.
  • Furthermore, the user can navigate deeper into the different flows and more detailed information can be obtained.

Technical Skills

  • Java
  • Vaadin
  • Webservices
  • XML


  • Developing a project from A to Z inclusive technical and functional analysis
  • Design of an ergonomic web interface
  • Hands-on knowledge of used technologies
  • First introduction with an integration engine



  • An unpaid internship of at least 6 weeks and 4-5 days a week.



  • Apply by clicking on the link below;
  • If you have questions, please call Jamie Verelst on 02 477 69 95
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